The New
Shand Leveret

Arrive fast.
Arrive clean.
Arrive safe.

Arrive in style…

Our very Limited Edition ready-to-ride bikes are available NOW!

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Now has never been a better time to get on your bike and commute to work. So, do it in style on the Shand Leveret.

Our beautiful bike is ready to ride so place your order now and you can be enjoying that trip back to the office – with quick delivery.

At Shand we have taken what we know works best from our world record beating bikes and come up with the commuter we have always wanted. And because you need no excuse to ride more and discover, we’ve packed it with features that we know you will love while enjoying it at the weekend too. That is how the Leveret was born!

It has a riding position that’s comfortable and fast; a carbon belt drive that means no messy chain marks on your legs or your clothes, an internal hub that’s impervious to the weather; subtle reflective details that shine bright when headlights bounce off them and tyres that are puncture resistant; and a design that makes you feel awesome.

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