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As each bike we make is built to order, we don’t distinguish between men and women as our aim is to achieve the best fit possible for ALL customers – regardless of gender.

However, we do understand women can experience more difficulty finding a perfect bike and have outlined some key points that we look at with regards to a women’s fit.

Frame design and riding position

In general women tend to have longer femurs than men (with a proportionally shorter torso), which often results in a requirement for a bike with a shorter reach, in order to provide a better riding position.

This more evenly balanced position puts less pressure on the wrists and transfers more weight to the saddle making the ride more comfortable and feel much less stretched out. Head position will be more comfortable too with less strain required to look ahead.

As with male customers, we would look obtain information on your physical body dimensions and current bike setup (if any) in order to make a recommendation on frame size and related components.

Toe overlap

Toe overlap from the front wheel is often experienced by women on smaller frame sizes due to the shorter length of the frame, usually with tight turns at slower speeds. Again with a custom frame (if required) the effects of this can be reduced at the very smallest sizes.


As every bike is built to order, we are able to supply a wide range of components such as cranks and handlebars in proportionally smaller sizes. Shorter cranks help avoid discomfort in areas such as the knees and ankles and narrower, proportionally shaped handlebars will prevent discomfort in wrists, neck and shoulders.

Seatposts and stems will be specified to suit your fit and provide scope for adjustment as your position may change over time. We are also happy to swap these components after the first few rides if not quite right and can source female specific saddles too if you don’t already have a favourite.

In Summary

With a better fitting bike, your riding experience will be transformed, resulting in less discomfort and fatigue – ultimately allowing you to ride for longer and more often. To find out more, just give Steven a call or send and email using the form or email address on the contact page.

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