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All of us at Shand are passionate about bikes and cycling. Commuting, racing, touring – it doesn’t matter, it’s all good.

Our team combines years of riding and hands-on experience with bikes – whether that is design, sizing, componentry or cycling tech.

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Stuart is a time served welder by trade and joined the team after a time at Rosyth Dockyard working on small parts for the country’s naval fleet. Stu’s attention to detail ensures our frames are beautifully finished as well as fit-for-purpose. He’s also involved in the fabrication and prep of tubing and other frame parts.

Stu is nuts about long-distance Audax and the rest of the team agree that he’s nuts in general as he doesn’t own a bike with gears, preferring to ride fixed gear – only moving to singlespeed for mountain biking. Stu clocks up around 15,000 miles a year in the saddle of his numerous bikes, fuelled by Irn Bru and Tunnocks Caramel Wafers!

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Euan is our in-house painter and graphic designer and is a real master of his art. He is committed to achieving a stunning finish on all our customers frames. Euan will work with customers directly to discuss and plan their paint & graphics ideas, to create a bike exactly as they envisaged. Whether our customer opts for our standard Shand & model graphics or decides to go with a unique custom design, Euan will hand paint all of the graphics on the bike – there are absolutely no stickers or transfers used on a Shand bike.  A relative newcomer to the bicycle industry after escaping a career in IT, Euan has a passion for quality bikes that naturally drew him to Shand. At times, his interest in bikes is superseded by bright cycling shoes, but despite this he likes the adventure of exploring lanes you normally pass and think “next time I’ll see where that goes”. He can also be found racing in Scottish cyclocross championships as he is involved in organising one of the popular race series.

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Matt, the bearded wonder, joined Shand in early 2018 and works with Stu on fabrication. Matt’s background is in the cycle industry having worked as a mechanic in various local bike shops and in recent years started learning frame building, making a number of frames prior to Shand for himself and friends. His fabrication skills, along with those of Stu, are exceptional and give every Shand the beautiful finish we are renowned for. Another fan of Audax, touring and long-distance rides, he can often be found riding his bike north to visit his family in the Outer Hebrides.

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Saul comes to Shand after many years of working in the cycle trade, leaving the busy streets of Edinburgh behind for the bright lights of Livingston.

Working in the bike trade, essentially since high school, albeit with a brief hiatus at University for some Social Anthropology and Politics , he has a serious addiction to bikes and more importantly riding bikes!

Fully versed in the technical aspects of our bikes Saul will be able to answer any queries fielded, he’ll probably go on to explain Foucault as well but it’s probably best not to humour him!

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Russell has a lifetime of cycling experience and has accomplished many things, having a career and intense passion in the world of cycling.  Some of his great adventures include: Providing mechanical support to The British Mountain Biking Team in Vale, Colorado to cycling expeditions in Morocco and The Sahara Desert;  Helped co-write the Cytech NVQ and launched the first recognised Cycle Mechanics Qualification in the UK; Qualified D32/D34 Assessor in Cycle Maintenance; Director and Owner of his own ‘high-end’ bicycle retailer in the renowned and historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon; Becoming a doting father to a beautiful daughter with 2 crazy cats and a forgiving wife!


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