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Pictures of our customers builds are worth a hundred words, but words of thanks tell a story too.
Took the bike out for a longer spin today for about an hour, and my initial impressions are that this is just a wonderful bike to ride! It feels like a road bike on the flat, and it handled the gravelly horse riding trails that I took today really well too. I had a blast! I am not sure if it is due to “new bike euphoria”, but I feel like the belt drive is not only very quiet, but you also really feel smoothly connected to the bike, especially when accelerating. There isn’t any real “give” when you push down on the pedals, and the bike seems just that little bit more responsive for it. I’ll get back to you further down the track when I have some more rides under my belt, and I’ll fire through some photos too at some point (at the moment I have the world’s ugliest set of flat pedals on it while I am still getting a feel for the bike - so they would ruin the shot :) ). I’ll be in touch Best regards Gareth
Gareth N – Stoater Rohloff/Beltdrive

Hi Steven I thought I would write about last year’s riding. This has been my best year’s cycling - yes weather has been brilliant but the Rohloff Stoater you made has been fantastic. I’ve done over 3000 miles with it and it has been faultless. I have enjoyed having flat bars - never seen so much of countryside before. The rohloff gears have been great and the rear cog has allowed me to haul considerable touring heft up some major inclines without coming close to getting off. Bike has been really comfortable and stable. Exposure hub and light has been a fantastic help - no obvious drag. Maintenance - change of chain - tightening of chain - occasional wash - still looks the business. I hope you are well and thanks again for doing such a grand job
Mike H – Stoater Rohloff Flatbar

Hello Steven, Russell and Fraser and Euan Month one went well. 382 miles, at least 75% of them on tracks I knew of but had never been on. I joined up the village, the Lammermuirs, and the Lauder Valley on a number of high-level solo excursions passing the odd sheep, one or two ramblers, and a lot of wind turbines. I joined up bits of my mental geography of my own back yard, into a more coherent jigsaw. I found large swathes of uninhabited land only a few clicks from my front door that I had never managed to access before. Ancient routes (not least the Herring Road) and newly laid access roads - the Stoater made no distinction, just rolled on through silently without a grumble. I fell off once hitting a clear-fell tree stump amongst the Crystal Rigg turbines. Here we are in the back garden in single speed mode with some 37mm Vittorias ready for anything the winter roads want to throw at us. Thank again for all of your precision work. I'm appreciating it!! Chris
Chris B – Stoater Rohloff/Singlespeed

Hi Steven Sorry about the delay sending this email. The new Skinny's geometry is spot on. Thanks again..
Brian M – Skinnymalinky

Just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant bike you have made for me. Steven, the wait was worth it for such a responsive and stable ride I have never ridden a bike as good as this. Russell the paint job is excellent and even impressed my wife which is really saying something. Fraser the build is perfect 3 rides in a week and no niggles. Thanks once again and keep doing what you all love doing.
David S – Skinnymalinky disc

I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say my bike arrived back in July and I am absolutely delighted with it. Sorry for the delay in thanking you but I literally went away on holiday for three weeks the day after in turned up. The holiday included a couple of good cycle rides in the in the hills around Girona in Spain - sadly I hired a Cannondale rather than take the Stoater down. Coming back from riding a carbon fibered Cannondale, getting onboard the Stoater was a revelation. It is a fantastic bike, light, comfortable, more rigid than I had expected and the attention to detail in the finish is incredible. For me it was a bit of a leap of faith going to a steel bike but I am delighted with it. It just feels so well made. Thanks again, it was a long wait but well worth it. I wish you continued success over the coming years. One day I'll be back for a Skinnymalinky!
Ian C – Stoater

I would like to just thank you all so very much. This weekend I took delivery of what I can only say is a 'dream' of a bike. I am so impressed. The quality of the build and the finish and colour make this a very beautiful and classic machine. I cannot tell you how much my heart leapt to see it unwrap from the box. I was almost too scared to take it out for a ride, but that would have been silly. So off I went. The ride is smooth, responsive and above all a blast of fun. I am so happy with the Salsa handlebars, thank you Steven and Fraser for getting that one right. In fact I went out the very next day too and challenged one of my training rides. P.B. on the flat. The brakes and the handling are such that I was just not conscious of the crap roads and small tight lanes down here... we just curled round all the corners and flew over the potholes. We will make a very happy team heading out to Iceland. The local bike shop were in awe and admired the use of the latest disc brake technology and fellow cyclist stopped mid-sprint to come back and take a look… what can I say... I was grinning. Shand Cycles... you have made my day. Thank you specifically to Steven for the design... it is so comfortable and fits like a glove, and to Russell for bringing this colour to my bike. You were right, it’s a keeper!
Sheila W – Stoater

Well, a few weeks in and a few miles under the wheels I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with the bike. You've probably seen some of my forum posts already so will have a fair idea how it's going for me. It's magic. Even better than I had hoped for. It does everything just that bit better than anything I've had before. It's just great fun, especially pointing downhill, but it climbs steeps well too with the steeper seat. I was a bit concerned about flex with the plates on the chainstays but the whole thing is rock solid. Thanks for sticking with it!! I may well be in touch about a 29+ at some point. Cheers!
John S – Fat Bike Rohloff

Hi Stephen, can't believe how good the bike feels & rides. Like a Porsche compared to my old Lada – wish I had it years ago. So once again many thanks to you Russell, Fraser and everyone at Shand for their attention to detail. I'll send some photos in the near future. Cheers!
David B – Skinnymalinky

My bike arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! Many thanks. Really solid to ride – shot up through Buttermere last night then up to Whinlatter today. Still need to tweak & bed into place but am so pleased with it and the finish is stunning – looks amazing. I can understand why you questioned the little brake levers – I should have listened! I’m sure I’ll be able to ditch them very soon. Many thanks for your superb craftsmanship and giving me an amazing bike for life.
Clare W – Skinnymalinky

Just a quick note to let you know the bike arrived safe and sound on Friday. I took it for a couple of short rides over the weekend to bed it in and I have to say it lives up to all my expectations. It looks fab and rides really well, a very relaxed, easy ride. I am extremely pleased. Thank you all very much indeed!
Mark R – Stoater

Just to let you know I received my bike yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. It is everything I hoped for and more, if not a tad later than expected. I can now cycle into my dotage in style. Many thanks to you both and all your work staff. Keep creating wonderful bikes.
Gavin W – Skinnymalinky

The frame itself gives me so much comfort that I also can go with a higher pressure in the tires than I used to (at least in dry conditions when the traction is good.) Gravel roads and "technically easy" forest trails with some small hills and sharp turns on the way seems to be the place where the SS Stooshie really belong. Comfort without losing "quickness". This proves you have built a cross-frame the right way! I am also attaching some pictures from my Sunday afternoon ride this past weekend. On the way I got a reminder of times when making things out of iron had other purposes than building bikes. But of course the Vikings would have loved a bike of Steel made by men from Scotland :) Cheers!
Anders the Viking – Stooshie

Firstly, cheers again for producing my dream bike! She had her first proper run out earlier taking in a few of my favourite climbs in a 36-mile loop. We spoke about the amount of flex in the frame of my last bike and this in nonexistent in my Skinny. I always thought the wheels were a bit soft but it was frame bending after all. The plus point of this for me is that all the power now goes to the drive and I am much faster both on the flat and climbing! Can't wait to get the Skinny back to Provence and up Le Mont Ventoux – hopefully now I can give The GoatBoy (my brother) a proper run for his money this time!
Julian F – Skinnymalinky

Just taken delivery of my frame, effing hell am I one happy bunny! What a great way to start the New Year.
Chris F – Skinnymalinky

The bike turned up this morning. Nice bit of packing. When I first saw the tiny box I thought half of must have been missing. Not a mark on it so all is well. Blown away by the quality of the workmanship. I've put some pedals on, a saddle and fitted my Garmin and I'm off for a short shake down ride (supposed to be working, but can't resist). I'll probably ride it into London later this week so I'll let you know how I get on.
Jon Y – Stoater Rohloff

The Stoater arrived and it's truly beautiful. Difficult to explain just how happy it makes me. Brilliant job!
Rik P – Stoater Rohloff

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