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Cycle 2 Work

Cycle to Work scheme is a UK Government tax exemption initiative introduced in the Finance Act 1999 to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution. It allows employers to loan cycles and cyclists' safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.

We are pleasded to be able to offer our bicycles through the Cycle To Work scheme operated by Bike2Work Scheme Ltd.

Most employers currently have a limit of £1000 that they will put in place for their employees. If your employer will not let you spend more than that in their scheme then it may not be possible to proceed. If your employer has a £1000 limit, it may be possible for you to 'part-purchase' the cycle under the Cycle2Work scheme but the balance (anything over the £1000) would need to be paid by you (the employee). Your employer needs to approve this.

If you wish to purchase something through the Bike2Work scheme then you need to do the following :

  1. Contact us with the details of the bike you wish to purchase and the contact details of who ever administers C2W in your business.
  2. We will then provide a quote and information that your employer can use to apply to Bike2Work Scheme Ltd
  3. Bike2Work Scheme Ltd will (on approval) issue a voucher (for the amount agreed with your employer)
  4. We will then accept that voucher as (part)payment for your order.


We currently do not offer any finance options on our bikes. If this is something that may interest you, dop us an email at