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Where are you?

We’re based in Central Scotland, see the contact page for details.

Can I come and visit?

Sure, however, we’re a very busy operation so please call ahead and let us know you’d like to visit. That way we can ensure we have time to see you – and give us time to buy biscuits and do the hoovering!

What are your frames made of?

All our current frames are made of steel. Each of our frames has a custom mix of steel tubing with each tube picked for its specific purpose. Our tubing mostly comes from Reynolds and Columbus and as we’re not tied to a specific tubeset or manufacturer, this allows us to choose the best tube for job. This makes our frames a little more expensive but ensures we make the best frame we can.

Isn’t steel heavy?

Absolutely not. The advances in the production of steel over the past few years has been amazing and when you consider that the wall thickness of some of the tubes we use is less than half a millimetre thick, that should give you an idea of how lightweight steel frames can be. Add in the ride characteristics, durability and repairability of steel, it’s easy to see why we think modern steel is the best material for our frames.

Where are the frames made?

All of our frames are fabricated and painted in our workshop in Central Scotland. Bicycles are assembled either at our workshop in Scotland or at our showroom in Leamington Spa.

How long have you been building bicycle frames?

We’ve been building steel bicycle frames since 2003.

Why not have your frames produced in Asia like other manufacturers?

Good question. Some of the frames imported from Asia are excellent. However, manufacturing in Asia is geared to building high volume, low cost frames and that’s not what we’re about.

Building low volume frames by hand here in the UK allows us to offer a greater degree of personalisation for customers, but more importantly provides greater control and allows us to monitor quality much more effectively.

We also believe passionately about developing design and manufacturing skills here in the UK.

Can you sell just the frame and forks?

We build and supply full bikes, but can provide a frameset (and headset) for you, or your local bike shop, to complete the build.

What are the colour/paint options?

A range of colour and graphic options are shown on the paint and graphics page. Custom colours and paint schemes are also possible, just give us a call to discuss – we’re always up for the challenge!

I’m looking to commission a custom frame, can you help?

Whilst our focus is on our production range, we also build full custom made to measure bespoke bikes. Contact us for details.

What’s the warranty on your frames?

All of our frames have a lifetime ‘normal use’ warranty. If any of our frames fail in normal use, we’ll repair or replace the frame at any point as long as the frame is still with the original owner.

I’ve damaged my frame in a crash/accident, what do I do now?

We offer a full repair service or in some circumstances will offer a discounted replacement frame.

Do you have a race team?

No, but we are keen to get involved with interesting events either as sponsors or organisers. If you have an idea, just let us know.

Can I come collect my frame instead of having it delivered?

Of course! Just make sure to tell us when you place your order.

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