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S&S couplers

If you’re travelling overseas with your bike, S&S couplers can be a useful way to pack your bike into a space more convenient than a bike box. The couplers allow you to 'break' the frame into 2 smaller parts. Normally fitted in the toptube and the downtube, the couplers are installed as we're building the frame. The couplers do not weaken the frame at all and only add an additional 250g to the total weight. S&S couplers are available on all our frames and allow you to fit your bikes into a box/case small enough not to incur additional airline costs. Also useful if you want to pack your bike into a car/van for longer journeys.

Shimano Di2 electronic shifting

We love Shimano’s electronic shifting system. Not only is the shifting smooth and simplicity itself, but with internally routed wiring, your bike is clear of unsightly cables – and as the battery can now be concealed within the seatpost, things are even tidier.

Battery life is also good and you’re likely to achieve 1,000kms from a single charge, depending on terrain and amount of shifting required. A battery indicator is located on the control box next to your bars so there’s plenty of visible warning about when to re-charge – and if you do run low on power, the front mech will stop working first, leaving you the full range on the rear cassette to get you home. Charging time is around 90 minutes and the battery can be charged without removing from the bike.

Carbon composite forks

We partner with US composite fork manufacturer Wound Up Composites to provide a quality range of carbon forks for use with disc equipped road and cross bikes. Wound Up forks work well with the ride characteristics of steel frames and ‘look right’ in proportion to the tubes we use on our frames.

Lighting systems

All purpose bikes such as our Stoater and Stoater Rohloff can be specified with integrated lighting systems that include Schmidt SON dynamo hubs and British made lighting systems from Exposure Lights. Modern bike lights are a revelation and make use of LED technologies which are powerful, lightweight and compact and when used with a dynamo hub, can remain lit for up to ten minutes when stationary. Cable routing from the dynamo hub to the front light is internal to keep your bike free of untidy cables and cable ties.

USB charger

As well as integrated lighting, we can also fit the Tout Terrain Plug II USB charger to work with your dynamo. This useful device fits neatly and discretely within your headset and allows the charging of many electronic USB devices when you’re riding which can be particularly useful for commuting and touring.

Bike packing kit

We like bike packing and we know our customers do too, so that’s why we’ve partnered with Welsh based Wildcat Gear who can make custom frame bags for your bike. Bike bags are an alternative to panniers and can help to preserve your bikes handling during lightweight off road expeditions.

Bike packing kit typically consists of a handlebar bag, frame bag and oversize saddle bag.These can be specified with a variety of different options such as map pockets and battery lead and hydration hose ports. If you’re looking for some bike packing kit to go with your new Shand, we can get you kitted out.

Disc brakes

A wide range of disc brakes for use with drop bar bikes are now available. You can choose from the standard cable operated TRP Spyre brakes or upgrade to a hydraulic system. We use the TRP Hylex hydraulic system on our Rohloff bikes and the Shimano RS685 on our Shimano 105/Ultegra derailleur bikes.

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