Cotic 'Long Shot'

Cotic collaboration with Shand and Swarf

Long and slack is the current trend in the full-suss mountain bike world right now and this modified Cotic Rocket 275 (dubbed the Long Shot) is certainly very long and very slack.

The bike shown is a test bike we built for Cy Turner at Cotic to help him explore these new ideas in MTB geometry, without the long lead time for prototypes to be made and sent from the factory in Taiwan. The front triangle was fabricated here at Shand and the carbon rear-end was made by Adrian Bedford at Swarf Cycles. Prior to this we made a front end for the standard Rocket 275 as a final proving prototype for sign off before production started in the Far East. It’s certainly a different type of project for Shand, but one we were happy to get our teeth into. “Every day’s a school day” as the saying goes.

In addition to the main frame parts, the linkages were fabricated by Blair Precision near Aberdeen and the rest of the pivots and fittings by APE in Sheffield. Combined with 853 tubing from Reynolds, this makes for a very British collaboration to explore the extremes of mountain bike geometry. And just incase you’re wondering, we can’t share how long and slack it is. To find that out you’ll need to pry that information from Cy himself!

The Long Shot. April 2016

Extract from blog post by Cy Turner

Fundamentally this is the longest Rocket275 you can build with a Reynolds 853 down tube, and even then they made me a special extra long one for the job. The geometry can be configured to be the same as a current Rocket, with the regular back end, or we can put a longer back end from the 29er project on there to see how that affects things. Then there's anglesets and other things we can play with.

Last year the fine fellows at Shand Cycles stepped into this gap, by offering to make us custom front triangles to pretty much whatever shape we wanted. The first front end they made was the final proving prototype of the current Rocket275 before we finalised it for production.

Last November, after catching up with Chris Porter and his Geometron at a Tech Talk that A Line Coaching put on in Sheffield, I decided I needed to give this super long thing a go. Just about the same time Steven Shand asked if they could put a Shand built Rocket on their stand at Bespoked, and a plan was formed. I sent Steven the drawing in early December and I had this front end built into a bike 2 days before Christmas. Two and a half weeks from idea to riding the bike. Now THAT is what I'm talking about!

Speaking of rear ends, yes, that is a carbon rear end on the bike. I keep an eye on things carbon within the industry because it's becoming a massive thing for other companies. Adrian at Swarf Cycles has form for building his own carbon fibre rear ends for his Curve suspension bike so I asked him if he'd be interested in making me something so I could work with someone in the UK on this. It was a great collaboration, as he got to try out some new techniques, and I got to see what a carbon rear end might look like without the massive tooling costs required when working with the Asian production facilities. I also wanted to try out a Boost spaced rear end, and as all our Rocket production jigs are 142mm it was actually quicker and cheaper for Adrian to make this for me than waiting for the factory to tool up a fabrication jig for a metal back end.

Read the full blog post here on the Cotic website.