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Shand online Survey – prize draw winner!

First of all a very big thank you to all of you that completed our online survey. Whether you are one of Shand’s current valued customers or our cohort of followers, we are grateful for the time you took to answer our questions. We are completely blown away by the fantastic feedback you have provided us with. We are analyzing the results of the survey at the moment and we are certain that with your help we could make our bikes and your experience on them even better!

We are also delighted to announce that the lucky winner of our Stoater bike prize draw is David Moore from Fareham. Congratulations David, and we look forward to creating your bike in the next few weeks!

Dave Moore - winner of Shand prize draw

We caught up with David in the last couple of days to share the news and this is what he had to say:

So David how did it feel to win the Shand bike?
To be frank I am flabbergasted!! Indeed I am very pleased and thank you. I didn’t really expect to win anything so it has been a great surprise.

We hear you have a couple of road bikes but you have been after a gravel bike for a while?
Well, I was really after something more versatile, something that you can ride on the road but you can also take off-piste. I like the idea of exploring different routes and while I am not a mountain biker, I have been researching Shand and was after a more comfortable ride than the off-the-shelf bikes. The Stoater is my dream bike and I am so pleased that I will soon have one which will complement my carbon and titanium bikes.

You mentioned in the survey that Shand was the only bike manufacturer you considered – why?
It all started with me reading Emily Chappell’s book, that really inspired me and got me thinking about the gravel/adventure bikes. Then of course I followed Jenny Graham, who has been so amazing beating the world record for circumnavigating the globe unassisted on a Shand and that really made up my mind.

I wanted a steel bike, hand-built individually for a better and more comfortable ride. I really like the fact that someone has taken the time and care to create the right bike just for me. I love the fact that Shand’s made in Britain, by people who cycle and love cycling. I was most impressed with the Shand team – we chatted a few times and although the bike is a little bit more expensive, to me it is completely worth it.

We noticed that you have decided to upgrade the bike we gave away to the Stoater Rolhoff. Tell us more about that?
I did lots of research on the Rolhoff gear hub and spoke to Steven at Shand on a number of occasions. He explained that it is low maintenance and why it was better suited for cycling off the beaten track. I am pretty convinced about its reliability which is why – although it is different from what I’ve had in the past – I decided to upgrade from the bike that I won.

Great – so where do you think you will be taking your new Stoater when you receive it?
I haven’t decided quite yet but I am really looking forward to trying it out first on the hills around where I live. Then start planning something adventurous!

We are really excited that David will soon be able to experience what we at Shand love about adventure cycling. Once again well done and congratulations!

posted by steven - November 7th, 2018