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Price increases

We’re giving some advance notice that prices on our all bikes will go up on the 10th of August this year. We’ve held off on price increases for as long as we could but we just don’t have the option any more.

As a small company, our buying habits dictate that we’re always going to be a little more at risk of price fluctation of raw materials and components. 2 major things have contributed to this increase, the price of locally sourced parts and components and the drop in the value of sterling. Obviously these 2 issues are closely connected. Most of the suppliers we use who are based here in the UK but are buying materials in from outside the UK have increased their pricing quite substantially over the past 6 months. As an example, we’re seeing huge price hikes of up to 20% on some Shimano products. The second issue that affects us is that we buy a significant part of our stock from outside the UK and we pay for this in Euros or US Dollars. The value of sterling is currently very low against both these currencies, this has an immediate and direct affect on how much in real terms it costs us to buy tubes or hubs or dropouts etc.

Obviously any orders placed before the 10th of August will be secured at the pre-increase price no matter when the balance is paid or the bike is delivered.

posted by steven - August 4th, 2016