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Transcontinental Race 2015 – it’s finally here!

Transcontinental Race Shand Stoater

It’s been a fairly fraught final week getting ready for the race with emotion swinging between complete excitement and total fear. But as usual there comes a point where there’s nothing more to be done and you just have to get on with it.

The TCR starts at midnight on Friday in Geraardsbergen, Belguim and Fraser Waters and myself will be aiming to ride an average of 300kms a day to reach Istanbul in around 14 days.

If you’d like to follow the race you can visit and track the dots from the comfort of your armchair. We’re racing under number 179 so you can see how we and other competitors are doing as we progress across the continent. We’ll also be posting progress online to and www.instagram/shandcycles, depending on fatigue and mobile reception.

I’d also like to say thanks to a few people for helping us get to the start. The guys here at Shand have been great and Matt pulled out the stops last week to put together a new frame at the very last minute. Fraser for some final fettling and Steven and Euan too for putting up with my grumpy Monday morning’s after excessive weekend riding. . .

Endura have also been amazing and kindly provided great kit for training and the race itself. The MTR Emergency Shell has been brilliant through many, many wet and cold days on the road and we’ll be taking them with us on the race. Go get one – you won’t regret it!

Wildcat Gear provided our frame bags and it’s great to be using kit made here in the UK with Beth in charge of proceedings.

Middleburn supply the British made cranks on the Stoater Rohloff and Mathew kindly lent Fraser one of their new super compact chainsets to try out on the race. Fraser also built the wheels we’re using under his wheel building business, The Happy Cog.

Finally I should also thank Lucy for putting up with me for the last 6 months too. It can’t be easy being around somebody out on the bike in all the spare time that there is!

Anyway, time to finish as it’s getting late and there’s still lost of stuff to do before catching the ferry tomorrow. As Fraser say’s, there’s got to be an easier way to get a kebab!

posted by steven - July 22nd, 2015