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Salsa Cowchipper handlebar – new to the UK

Salsa Cowchipper handlebars

Cowchipper? Yup, you read that right and this is the new bar from Salsa that takes the wider flare of the Woodchiper and combines it with the conventional integrated shifter position of a road/cross bar like the Salsa Cowbell 2 we fit to our Stoater.

We don’t think anyone else has these in the UK yet and are lucky to have a limited number for sale in our shop until we receive our next full delivery.

As the illustration below shows, the Cowchipper comes with 24 degrees of flare compared to 12 degrees on the Cowbell 2, providing equally comfortable and stable alternative to the Cowbell 2 for big miles on rough roads.

We expect the number we have to sell quickly, so if the shop shows ‘sold out’, contact us so we can accommodate you on the next order.

Salsa Cowchipper Technical Drawing

posted by steven - June 5th, 2015