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Portland Design Works mudguards


According to Wikipedia, the word fender is the American English term used to define the part of a vehicle that covers or frames a wheel, including those on bicycles.

This side of the Atlantic we use the term mudguards, but so far hasn’t stopped Steven and myself living with ‘full metal fenders’ from US based Portland Design Works (PDW) for a good part of the year.

Granted it’s been an amazing summer, but now the weather’s turned they’re certainly proving their worth on the daily commute – and we love ’em. From the simplicity of how they’re attached, to the spartan good looks (and the all-important keeping you dry), they just work. They also have a rigidity that eliminates any annoying rattles and rubbing, especially useful when riding off road.

The flexible rubber mud flaps are also good for taking abuse when knocked or being loaded in and out of cars / trains etc. In short, we fully recommend them and think they look great on our bikes.

If you’re placing an order for a bike, just let us know if you’d like a pair. You won’t be disappointed. Alternatively, you can buy a set here in the Shand shop.

posted by steven - October 24th, 2014