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Toute Terrain / Cinq5 Rohloff thumb shifters

Tout Terrain Cinq5 Rohloff thumb shifter 01

I had a chance to look at these up close at Eurobike and I like them a lot. They’re essentially paddle shifters similar to MTB shifters and look like a great alternative to twist shifters currently available for drop bars.

Fitting neatly under the bars they work by using one side to shift up and the other to shift down. Cable tension adjustment is also possible via the shifters and the up- or down-shift can be fitted to either side of the bars.

Shifting felt smooth and positive, but as the shifters were not connected to the Speedhub I guess more tension would be experienced on the shifter than was felt on the display bike.

Speaking to the guys at Tout Terrain they said they should be available at the end of the year and will be marketed under a separate brand called Cinq5. They also mentioned that they will only be available initially in a silver finish and not anodized like the ones shown here. Looking forward to trying them out!

Tout Terrain Cinq5 Rohloff thumb shifter 02

Tout Terrain Cinq5 Rohloff thumb shifter 03

Tout Terrain Cinq5 Rohloff thumb shifter 04

posted by steven - September 3rd, 2013