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Full bikes now available!

It’s been a long time coming but now those of you waiting to pull the plug (flick the switch? kick the rock? light the torch? whip the beaver?…. whatever….) on a full bike have no excuse.

As of today the Stoater is available as a complete bike. At the moment we have 2 build kits available, 105 and 105 Select. The 105 features a complete Shimano 105 10-speed group with lovely handbult (Strada) wheels and Salsa finishing kit. While the 105 Select uses a mix of 105 and Shimano Sora 9-speed to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality.

To purchase a full bike, simply choose the kit of parts you want from the buildkit dropdown on the order form.

When you a buy a complete bike from us, we’ll build and test the whole package so it’s ready to ride as soon as you receive it.

Note that we’re not skimping on the parts you can’t see. It’s easy to cut corners with things like chains, bottom brackets and cassettes that aren’t immediately obvious, but in keeping with our obsession with quality, we do not fit cheaper parts to save money.

Coming soon will be parts kits for the Stooshie ‘cross bike and an Alfine parts kit for the Stoater with optional beltdrive.

See the parts list for each of the buildkits here: Stoater – Full Bike

posted by steven - June 20th, 2012

Stoater review by Brian Palmer

A Stoater took a trip last month to visit Brian Palmer who kindly took the time to put it through its paces and write some kind words about the experience. You can read the review on his most excellent website, The Washing Machine Post.

Washing Machine Post Stoater review

posted by steven - June 20th, 2012