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Production Frame Update

We’ve had a load of interest about what we’re doing with production frames for next year so I thought I’d do a quick update.

Brief history for those who’ve not been paying attention….

Shand Cycles have been hand building one-off custom frames since 2003. Custom building can be a slow process and with a lead time on orders of usually about 6 months, the ordering/building/receiving process could be frustrating for those wanting to get hold of a frame. So, for 2012 we’ve decided to introduce some ‘production’ frames.

These won’t be production frames in the normal sense of the word. Each frame will still be completely handbuilt by us in our workshop in Central Scotland but instead of offering an unlimited choice of geometry, tubing etc, we’ll have 3 models in 3 or 4 sizes. Planning up front like this allows us to make huge efficiencies in both buying our tubing and setting up tools to speed up the process. We will still offer ‘full custom’ frames as normal so please get in touch if you want/need something that isn’t covered by our production models.

We’re moving to a new much larger workshop and we’ll need to do an amount of retooling for this to work but we expect to be up and running, ready to start accepting orders in February 2012.

Here’s some more detail on what we’ll be offering.

Road frame: this is still at an very early stage in the design/planning process. We have some good ideas but the truth is we don’t want to get to crazy with a road race frame. Geometry has pretty much evolved to where it is right now for a reason, it works well, so our road frame will be steel with almost certainly an (optional?) steel fork.
Fairly standard geometry. Super lightweight steel tubeset (maybe Reynolds, maybe Columbus). Almost certainly with clearance for winter tyres and mudguards.

Cross frame: This will be an all-out, no compromise, cross racing frame. Reynolds 853 tubing, S-Bend stays for tyre/heel clearance. Steel straight blade fork. Agressive geometry. No bottle brazeons, no rack or mudguard mounts. Slightly sloping top tube for good standover without compromising the ability to shoulder the bike. Available with
cantis or disks.

AllRoad: This will be very similar to the Cross frame but with a *slightly* more relaxed geometry (slacker head-tube and slightly longer chainstays. Again, 853 tubeset with s-bend stays for clearance. Lots of room for big tyres, mudguards, racks, bottles etc. Disk brake only. Steel fork with brazeons for low rider front rack. This will still be a fast lightweight frame but more versatile than the Cross frame.

All frames available in a wide range of colours, either traditional ‘wet’ paint or powdercoat. Price will include any additional brazeons you want and any configuration of cable routing with internal cable routing optional but at an additional cost.

All frames are handbuilt, fillet brazed. Each frame is built to order and we anticipate something around a 21 day turnaround from order to delivery. Demand will be high for these and as a small operation our output will be relatively low.

Prices are still to be confirmed but we expect to be in the region of £1100-£1300 for frame and forks depending on the model.

We’re still working on a lot of these details and they’re subject to change. If you have any input you feel would be useful, let us know.

In the next few days, our site will be updated with detailed specs of each frame.

posted by steven - November 11th, 2011