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Robyn’s 29er

Here’s some ‘in progress’ shots of Robyn’s 29er. This’ll be his 2nd Shand, the first was a Rohloff equipped 26″ off road tourer.

posted by steven - September 18th, 2011

Shand Cycles 2.0

There’s been lots of stuff happening in the background over the past couple of months here at Shand. One of the issues I’ve struggled with since I started Shand Cycles was the number of bikes I can build in a year and how I can get frames to people quicker without sacrificing quality.

Last year I did a quick trial where I built a number of frames (9 I think) that weren’t custom geometry but were as close as I could get to a production frame. The tubes were all the same, the components like dropouts and bb shells were all the same and I cut and mitered the tubes all at the same time. I assembled the frames in a modular system, I brazed all the front triangles at the same time, went on to the rear triangles then put them all together.

The plan was to see how much time I could save in the setup and configuration of my tooling in order to speed up the construction process. It turned out that I saved a ton of time and the frames that popped out at the end were built with the same care and attention as my custom one-off frames. Where am I going with this ramble??

Well, Shand Cycles is no longer just me and we’re no longer just offering bespoke on-off frames. I’m joined now by Russell Stout who’s coming on board to help move Shand onward and upwards. We’re currently deeply involved in speccing and designing our first production stock frames and it’s all very exciting.

Russell’s passionate about bicycles and bicycle building and we’re both keen to see if we can revisit some of Scotlands history and heritage by building production bicycle frames once again in Scotland.

We’re still in the fairly early stages of all this and in fact we’re looking for as much feedback from riders as possible. We’ve set up a survey that you can take part in (get to it from our contact page), so please take a look at this if you can and we’d really appreciate any input you can give.

Russell will be posting here (hopefully more regularly than I’ve managed to recently) and he’ll also be posting updates and news on our Facebook page and Twitter stream.

We’re also relaunching the website with a fresh new design and new branding for Shand. It would be great if you could let us know what you think about the changes and our plans for the future.


posted by steven - September 16th, 2011

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