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Cross/allroad frames [update]

I’ve posted full frame specs of all 3 sizes for the cross/allroad frames I’m building this summer. I’ve still got space for 3 frames. Contact me if you’re interested.

see this post for more details.

small (pdf)

(click for bigger pdf)

med (pdf)

(click for bigger pdf)

large (pdf)

(click for bigger pdf)

posted by steven - July 30th, 2010

We’re all going on a….

Summer holiday….

I’m off on hols for a couple of weeks from this weekend so if you’re trying to get hold of me you won’t be able to. I’ll be checking email intermittently so send an email if you need to, but it may be a little while before I reply. Cheers.


posted by steven - July 16th, 2010


Can you hear that? No? Me neither.

I’ve just got a nice new quiet compressor which means I can get rid of the hideous noisy thing I’ve been using up ’til now. In fact, I say ‘using’ but the truth is I wasn’t using it as the noise of the fecker is enough to drive you mad. This little thing, a Junair is mega quiet, about the same level as a fridge.


Aaahhhhh… peace….

posted by steven - July 16th, 2010

Cross/allroad frames

I’m about to do a run of lugged cyclocross/all-road frames and have some capacity to run a few extra of each size to be generally available.

  • Columbus Zona tubing*
  • S-bend stays
  • Oversize tubeset

    • 1 1/8 steerer
    • 31.8 toptube
    • 35mm downtube
    • 31.8mm seattube
  • Paragon disk dropouts (disk between stays, see pic below), inc spare hanger.
  • 68mm BB shell
  • 135mm rear spacing
  • Designed for ~400mm fork**
  • rack and mudguard mounts
  • 2 sets h20 bosses
  • crud guard bosses
  • internal cable routing on top tube for brake
  • downtube gear cable routing
  • single colour ‘wet’ paint***

* Upgrade to Columbus Life for extra £100
** No fork included but I’ll build one for £125
*** Fancydancy paint available at extra cost

Cost £595. Delivery September. I don’t have many slots available for these so let me know ASAP if you’re interested by sending an email to:

All these will be handbuilt by me. Same attention to detail but building in batches allows me to run through my setup processes much faster to get frames out quicker. The lack of communication on sizing and geometry also frees up loads of time. This makes a cheaper frame. That’s good.

And yes I know cross bikes don’t need rack, bottle or mudguard mounts but this isn’t supposed to be a ‘pure’ cross bike. If you don’t want these, I’ll leave them off. For free.

And please don’t get your knickers all in a twist about disk brakes on a cross bike.

Here’s the geometry for the medium size, I’ve still to finalize the small and large. (pdf)

(click for bigger pdf)

Here’s the dropouts, note the replaceable hanger.

posted by steven - July 15th, 2010

Sneaky bike ride

I snuck out from the workshop this afternoon afternoon for a couple of hours. The sun was out and I was being distracted by Le Tour anyway so out on the bike it was.

Found some nice singletrack only a few miles from the house that I must have ridden past loads of times without seeing. Weird.





stinky bridge

posted by steven - July 13th, 2010

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