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CarbonDrive beltdrives

Following on from yesterdays post about retrofitting S&S couplers, I thought I’d post a reminder that I can also do frame modifications to make your steel frame compatible with a belt drive.

beltrive stay coupler

beltrive stay coupler

The current belt drive that’s on the market is the Gates belt marketed by Carbon Drive.

Since the belt can’t be broken and rejoined, the frame must come apart to allow the belt to pass through. This can be done using a dropout that comes apart or can be done by fitting a coupler to the seatstay to allow the frame to come apart enough to pass the belt through and then be fastened back together. I prefer this option over the split dropout as it requires the least amount of modification which makes it cheaper for both new frames and for modifications to frames you already have.

beltrive stay coupler

Up until recently I’ve been machining the coupler myself which, since I’m doing them one at a time, can be quite costly. However, I’ve now sourced a supply of couplers which allows me to offer them at reduced cost. These new couplers are actually better than the ones I’d machined myself as they’re 3 piece rather than 2 piece. This means once they come apart there’s space to pass the belt through, rather than pushing the stays apart to create a gap. Just a slightly neater solution.

beltrive stay coupler

I can also supply the chainrings, sprockets and belts for the beltdrive system so can provide you with a complete conversion.

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posted by steven - February 23rd, 2010