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S&S BTC Couplers

This past few weeks have been a blur of repairs, modifications, odd new builds, conversions (recumbent trike!) and non-bike metalwork shenanigans.

I had a few people ask me recently if I do S&S conversions? Well I do. I can do these on new bike builds and as a retrofit option on most steel bikes.

S&S coupler

For those who don’t know, S&S couplers are devices that are added to your frame, either when I build it new or as an aftermarket addition. It allows you to break apart your frame to enable you to pack it for travel. The idea is to be able to pack it in a case that meets the max size that airlines allow as standard baggage without having to pay extra for oversized bags.

There are a couple of similar systems available but S&S really have the best implementation out there. The unique design enable you to have a collapsable frame that rides no different than if the couplers weren’t present. They do this with a unique, toothed, precision machined interlocking doohicky.

S&S coupler

S&S couplers aren’t cheap to fit but if you travel often, they can easily pay for themselves in just a few journeys by allowing you to avoid expensive airline fees.

If you’re on my build list waiting for a new frame let me know if these might be of interest. And if you think it might be an idea to fit these to your current frame, get in contact and I’ll give you a quote.

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posted by steven - February 22nd, 2010