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Conker tree

Well, it’s been 3 months since I last posted anything here and more than that since I last posted any meaningful bike/framebuilding stuff.

I have been pretty busy in the workshop over the last couple of months but I’ve been getting lazier and lazier about taking and posting pics and getting anything online. This was mostly deliberate as it can be quite distracting stopping to photograph stuff every few minutes then quite time consuming to go through tons of photos and deciding what to post online. I will get back into again though.

I’ve got a few interesting builds coming up in next few months including a cross bike for someone who’s only 5’1″ and a 29er belt-drive Rohloff mountain bike for someone who’s 6’9″! Should be fun. Also in the works is a recumbent trike, an expedition (snow) bike and a Cannondale headshock frame.

As of March I’ll be devoting much more time to framebuilding (at the moment it’s a part-time job for me) so we should see lead times for frames coming down to a more manageable level (at the moment it’s somewhere between 6 and 9 months), so if you’re thinking about ordering a frame, you’ll get it sooner.

The pic above was sent to me by Tom and was taken at this years (’09) single speed world champs in Durango Colorado. Looking out onto about 4 inches of snow here, I thought it was nice!

see you soon.

posted by steven - December 30th, 2009