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Schoolboy Error (fork for sale) (SOLD)

So I f’d up. Was building a fork that should have been 1-1/8″ but built it 1″ by mistake. So now it needs a new home.

Twin Plate Crown Fork For Sale

  • 1″ ahead steerer
  • 700c
  • canti mounts
  • low rider rack mounts
  • mudguard and rack mounts at droupout (2)

It’s not drilled for a center/side-pull but it can be. I have the technology.

Can’t remember the atc or the offset but if you’re innerested, drop me an email and I’ll dig out the numbers.

Axle to crown 385mm, offset 52mm.

£130 + p&p including any paint.

posted by steven - July 27th, 2009