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I'm obsessed with dropouts….

…whenever see a nice bike, the first thing I look at is the dropouts. Actually what I look at is the dropout/stay junction. I’m obsessed. Unfortunately, because of this I spend waaaayyyy too much time on getting my dropouts to look just the way I want.

Here’s some pics of some dropout goodness. These are Columbus Life stays paired up with some stainless steel Paragon Machine Works sliders.

This is the stay after braze, just out of the soak tank to remove the flux:

dropout goodness

These are the dropouts after a bit of finish filing. Once the stays are on the bike and the seatstays are on, I ‘ll spend some more time polishing these up. Then they’ll get covered in about 3mm of powdercoat and you want be able to see any of it!!!

dropout goodness

dropout goodness

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posted by steven - February 13th, 2009