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'Disk touring' dropouts

One of the problems with running disk brakes is that it’s really difficult to get a neat solution to installing a rear rack. If the mounts are positioned in the right place, they almost always place the rack in a position to foul the caliper. There are a few solutions to this and probably the nicest is to use one of the Old Man Mountain racks.

Alternatively, you can sometimes move the rack mounts so they miss the caliper but this usually puts the rack (or pannier) a bit too far forward (and high) risking the riders heels clipping panniers.

Another solution to this is to move the disk mount instead of the rack mount. I can now offer this solution using these nice dropouts that put the disk mount between the seat and chainstays. Another neat feature is that these drops have replaceable hangers. This means you can ditch the hanger if you’re running singlespeed or replace the hanger if it gets busted.

And of course these dropouts come with eyelets for guards as well as rack.

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posted by steven - January 25th, 2009