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not grumpy

Another long time between posts…..

Things have been pretty busy. Good festive period but got dragged down by a horrible flu thing that seemed to last for ever. Spent Christmas in Braemar with the family. Very nice. Jack managed to find some snow to do some sledging.

Been pretty busy in the workshop. Felt like I was catching up on things until I realised I hadn’t factored in the fact that we’re having another baby in the middle of February! Ooops. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep on top of things and frame builds won’t slip too much but if you’re waiting for a frame from me and I’ve told you it’s still at the painters, then I’m probably lying and I’m too busy mopping up excretions to finish it….

Some nice singletrack (kind of) descending down to Braemar.

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posted by steven - January 18th, 2009