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Long time no post….

Well it’s nearly 2 months since I posted and it’s been a shitty 2 months too. All sorts of stuff is happening and none of it good.

I don’t normally post personal or non-bike related stuff here but there’s a first for everything! Some of you may know that my mum was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. Well the shittiest news is that she passed away last month after a very long hard struggle. I’m not going to go into any detail on here but it was an important enough event that has impacted on my day to day life, so I don’t think I could carry on writing here without mentioning it.

Well that’s that bit done.

I’ve had limited time in the workshop but things are slowly getting back to normal in that respect. I totally took my eye off the ball over the last couple of months and as well as dumb mistakes I made in the workshop that cost me little more than time, blood and skin, a couple of things happened that meant other folks were inconvenienced. I owe a big apology to Pete who’s peddling off to China as I write. Al, your frame’s here for repair but I haven’t even opened the box yet! That’s almost at the top of the list along with your repair too Gaz. It’ll get done ASAP.

I have managed to get some things out but almost everything’s been late.

James your frame is almost done and will go to the painters next week. Robyn, yours is together and only needs chainstays and seatstays!

Emma, you need to contact me with a decision on wheel size.

Here’s some random pics:

Seattube slot. Robyn’s or James’ not sure which….

seatube slot

Using the lathe to miter a seattube for the bb.

mitering on the lathe

I’ve built 4 Rohloff wheels this month already. Here’s some hanging up.


This is James’s frame from behind. Nice curvy s-bend stays.


Testing the macro on my camera! This is the seatstay/seattube mitre. I do this one by hand.

mitering the seatstay seattube junction

Think this is James’ bike again. Probably checking clearances.

Random pic of James' bike

posted by steven - July 12th, 2008