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PJ1 (part4)

Here we go with some more pics of Petes frame. I’ve taken my eye off the ball with photos of the build sequence for this one. Since the workshop flooded and I fell a bit behind, I’ve been concentrating on getting things done and have forgotten to photo and document stuff as much as I’d have like. Sorry about that. The frame’s at the powder coaters now and hopefully we’ll get it back this week before I go off on holiday.

Anyway here’s some random shots from the pile I did remember to shoot.

Here’s the frame just in need of final cleanup. Fillets need some work with some shop cloth and braze ons need a going over with some 3M pads.

Just needs final cleanup

This is a shot of one of the canti bosses. Although Pete’s going to run disks on this frame, he’s got an Old Man Mountain rack which mounts to the brake bosses. The boss is shown here with the removable stud removed.

Canti boss

Seat stay and bridge. Big fillet at the seattube/seatstay junction on this one.

Seatstays and bridge

PeePee slot

PeePee slot

Seat Cluster

Seat cluster


Drive side is a Campag. Non-drive side is a fabricated matching Rohloff compatible dropout. These take far too long to make!

Rear drops


Rough work done on headtube

Back end

Back end

Aligning rear dropouts

This is kinda out of sequence.

Aligning dropouts

Framenumber on disk tab (030801)


posted by steven - March 19th, 2008

stupidest. thing. ever.


posted by steven - March 7th, 2008

Terminology Folly

I don’t normally just link to other posts out in blogland but this makes very good reading.

posted by steven - March 3rd, 2008