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arghh what a mess!

I hate this shit weather.

So last week we had some crazy mad weather, wind and rain like I’ve never seen before. Upshot was the workshop got flooded. Water got in through the roof and through one of the ill fitting windows. Also managed to pool up on the outside of one of the brick walls which then seemed to crumble away at the base letting the water come in. Water all over the fecking place.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it managed to get into the electrical conduits and bork my power.

So I’ve spent way too long on the roof making repairs, rewiring the whole shop, installing a new ceiling and taking the opportunity to add some funky new insulation. My workshop has a mix of some wooden sheet and brick internal walls. I’ve decided to erect some proper stud walls to give me a bit more insulation and generally clean the place up a bit.

All this is taking way too long and everything else I had going on has had to come to halt for a little while. I was also hoping to do something with my very uneven, cold dirty concrete floor but I think that might have to wait.

Here’s a pic of why no framebuilding is getting done!


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posted by steven - February 5th, 2008