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The Lion King is back!

Apparently Mario Cipollini has some pretty hefty tax bills to pay so he’s coming out of retirement at age 40. He’s signed to the controversial (some say) Rock Racing team.

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posted by steven - January 25th, 2008

Al riding a Shand at SSWC07

Here’s a pic of a fat boy riding his Shand at the Single Speed World Champs in Aviemore in 2007.

Many thanks to Simon Barnes for the image. More of his excellent photography can be found on his flickr site.

I especially like this one.

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posted by steven - January 17th, 2008

Scottish Lightweight Framebuilders

This is quite interesting….

Which reminded me of this poster I noticed the last time I was at the Transport Museum in Glasgow.

Bike Show Poster 1935 Glasgow

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posted by steven - January 17th, 2008

PJ1 (part3)

Here’s the toptube/headtube join just out of the soak tank.

headtube/toptube join

Clean up the flux residue with a wire brush. Short time with some files and we’ll have a nice smooth fillet.

finishing toptube/headtube join

Pictures of the finished joint coming up next.

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posted by steven - January 17th, 2008

Build page updated

I’ve put a couple of new posts up on the build page.

You can get to them by clicking the build link at the top of the page or by clicking here

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posted by steven - January 17th, 2008

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