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Etape Caledonia

I’ve entered the 2008 Etape Caledonia which is a closed road Audax style event that takes place in the Scottish Highlands. Entering serves a number of purposes, namely the enjoyment of the ride itself, a driving force to help get me out there on the bike on horrible wet and windy mornings and lastly the excuse to build another bike!

I’ve not been on the bike anywhere as much as I’d like to recently due to a whole range of issues that I’ll not go into here. Suffice it to say that having this race coming up might be the extra focus I need to get out more.

I don’t normally need an excuse to plan and design another bike but this seems like a good a reason as any.

I’d describe the frame in mind I have for this as a fast tourer. 700c wheels able to run up to a 35 or maybe even a 38 tyre. Loads of braze-ons but also quite a racey geometry (72.5º head angle, 73.5º seat angle) and a nice stretched out cockpit (570 effective top tube). Standard reach calipers or maybe even long reach depending on mudguard (fender) clearances.

I like the idea of building this lugged. I’d really like to try out the new Columbus Spirit for Lugs tubeset. This is a light weight oversize tubeset with longer butt profiles designed specifically for building with lugs. There’s a number of really nice new style lugsets out there now too.





Having said all that, my heart really lies in the clean lines of a nice fillet brazed frame so it might well end up that way.

Here’s a drawing of the dimensioned frame and also a drawing of the full bike.

Dimension 2008 Etape Caledonia


posted by steven - December 29th, 2007