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surprise visitor to the workshop

Had a surprise visitor to the workshop last night. Was filing away in the vice when something moving on the bench caught my eye. Looked up to see a little fella answering this description looking up at me.


Apparently discovered my stash of winter nuts for the birds and was settling down for a nice evening of munching. It disappeared as quick as it appeared then turned up again in the same spot about an hour later. (probably pissed off that I’d moved the nuts!)

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posted by steven - June 23rd, 2007

Useful online resources

I’ve decided to start putting a lot of the tools I use online. Most of these tools I’ve written to help with common tasks like unit conversion and so on. I’ll be working through them and making sure they’re in a worthy state to publish. I’ll link to them from here as I make them available but you’ll always be able to access them from the resources section.

First up is a really simple little interface to calculate tubing diameters and wall thickness. Converts from mm to inches (including fractions as well as decimal). You can see that here.

Stay tuned for more little tools as they become available and if you’ve a specific need for a wee utility let me know and I’ll see if I can put something together.

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posted by steven - June 22nd, 2007

How to paint a bicycle (not)

I found this kinda funny.

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posted by steven - June 21st, 2007