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Rocky Mountain Hammer Frame for sale


More stuff from the clear out. This time it’s an 18.5″ 2002 Rocky Mountain Hammer frame. Very good condition, again usual scratches and chips you’d expect. No dents or dings. Braze ons for disk or cantis.

You can see it here. You can see all my ebay items here.

Here’s a piccy of the frame. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need more info.

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posted by steven - March 12th, 2007

Lemond Tourmalet Frame for sale (SOLD)


I’m doing a clear out so I’m putting some stuff up on ebay. First to go is a 58cm(c-t) 2000 Lemond Tourmalet frame. It’s in good condition, usual scratches and chips you’d expect on a used frame but certainly doesn’t look 7 years old.

You can see it here. I’ve got other stuff that wil be appearing over the next wee while. You can see all my ebay items here.

Here’s a piccy of the frame. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need more info.

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posted by steven - March 11th, 2007

Gary's Bike (part 3)

Checking fork crown clearance.

The CAD tool I use for drawing frames lets you enter dimensions of the fork crown itself, and when combined with the stack height of the lower head-set race, lets you check if the adjusters on your fork are likely to ding the down-tube or not.

You can see here that with the forks Gary’s planning to use, there’s no chance of any dingage.

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posted by steven - March 11th, 2007

Gary's Bike (part 2)

The seat-tube

Garys bike’s going to have 35mm seat-tube. That’s pretty big. Most steel frames have 28.6 or 31.8 seat-tubes but this is going to be much bigger. There are a few other steel bikes out there that use seat-tubes this big, possibly the most well known is the WTB Phoenix. Gary has a lovely Phoenix already and it’s pretty clear that this frame is inspired to some extent by that frame.

The seat tube for this frame is actually a down-tube.

We’ll take a Columbus down-tube and cut off one butted end. This’ll give us a 35mm tube, butted at the bottom-bracket area to a wall thickness of 0.7mm. The rest of the tube will have a wall thickness of 0.5mm.

Doing this gives us a couple of problems. The first is that tubing with walls this thin is more likely to deform under heat and given that we’ll be joining the top-tube and the two seat-stays to this part, it’ll get pretty hot.

The other problem we’d get leaving it like this is that we’d struggle to get a seat-post to fit. It’d need to be a 34mm post and that would limit our options.

To get round these problems, we’ll make a sleeve to slide inside the seat-tube and we’ll braze this in place. This’ll give us a much thicker wall to work with which will prevent deformation when doing the rest of the torch work and will bring the inside diameter down to 31.6mm. A much more sensible size for sourcing seat-posts.

The sleeve will either just be a constant diameter shim that will slide in and be brazed or it might have a step on it. Still not decided yet.

Here’s a pic of the stepped sleeve:

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posted by steven - March 10th, 2007

Gary's Bike (part 1)

I’m about to start a new frame for my friend Gary. He’s asked if I can document it’s progress so I figured I’d write about it here. There’s also a flickr set with the images for the build.

The design of the frame is mostly Gary’s with some input from me as we went along. Not sure quite what the inspiration of the design was but it’s meant as a replacement for his current full suspension bike. A Gary Fisher Cake.

One of the main aims of this bike was to produce a riding position as similar to the Fisher as we could get. I think this’ll come pretty close. It’s a fairly standard sloping top-tube frame designed round a 120mm travel fork. Columbus tubing, Ritchey socket style dropouts, s-bend chain-stays and a huge 35mm seat-tube (more on that later!).

Anyway, I’ve not cut or burnt anything in anger yet so I guess we’re still officially at the design stage. Here’s a dimensioned drawing to get started with.

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posted by steven - March 9th, 2007