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Seems like not much has ben happening lately. Bike stuff in the workshop has been pretty low key. Frame repairs mostly and I got to finish (braze-ons, cable guides, alignment, reaming and facing) a bunch of road/touring frames that had been built a few years ago by another builder and never finished.

Almost done on the lathe restoration I’ve taken on. Seems like it’s not quite what I thought it was (it’s an early ML4 not a late model) which has meant getting parts has been (more of) a nightmare. I’ll get some pics up of it when I get it finished. Still need to build a bench for it. Not sure what I’m going to do with it when I’m done. Was thinking about setting up as a mitering fixture but I’ll have to do some tests and see if its stiff enough.

Other stuff:

  • My other day job (software engineer) has been pretty busy. We’ve moved office and my role has changed slightly which has meant a bit more admin type stuff and not quite so much programming. Hopefully this’ll get better soon.
  • It’s VERY cold this morning. Very frosty in the garden and Jack’s keeping his slippers on. Must be cold.
  • I’m looking for some new breakfast ideas. The following options are ruled out as they’re either too unhealthy, too boring or too what Im already having.

    1. cereal
    2. bagels
    3. bacon rolls (Im a veggie)
    4. cinnamon swirls (too nice, I’d need two and I’d die cause of being fat)
    5. Chocolate Croissants (Gordon pointed out that ‘pain’ means bread and ‘chocolate’ means chocolate so that’s just a chocolate sandwich.)
    6. banannas (nice but boring)

Ok that’s enough procrastination, it’s time to get back to work.

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posted by steven - November 3rd, 2006