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Surly Crosscheck for sale


UPDATE:now on ebay.

I’m selling my Surly Crosscheck frame and forks. According to the computer that’s on it at the moment it’s done less than 600 miles. It’s in excellent condition

It’s really a great bike and I’ve no complaints about it at all but it’s just not being used enough to justify keeping.

It’ll go on ebay in the next couple of days but if anyone’s interested drop me a line and I’ll send more details

Although I’m planning on selling the frame and forks I’d be open to offers on the complete bike.

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posted by steven - August 4th, 2006


I’m sure bikely has been around for a while but i’ve only just come across it.

I tried it by entering a little route we did last week on holiday. It’s pretty short but we had Jack in the trailer so it felt much longer!

Duntelchaig Loop

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posted by steven - August 1st, 2006

Frenchy Frame (Bryan Beaudette)

I’m, like, totally digging this!

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posted by steven - August 1st, 2006