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Leaf Green

I’ve added a new set of pics to the gallery.

This is a mountain bike that was built for a friend. As sometimes happens with these things, doing stuff for mates is sometimes harder than doing stuff for people you don’t know. As a result, Al’s had a long wait for this bike. It took me longer to build than I’d hoped. It’s got constant diameter stays and I had a real problem getting a consistent bend in these without crimping or collapsing the tube. A few broken tools and a lot of bloody knuckles later I thought I had something pretty good. At a cost though. On the last set I bent, the form snapped and I ended up cracking my ribs. I thought I’d just winded myself but it got gradually worse and it ended up with a trip to casualty on Christmas day!

As if that wasn’t enough, once Al had the bike in his hands I had a real dilemma to deal with. When I did the final alignment check and tried a wheel in the rear stays I felt there was too much clearance on the seat-stays. Yes, too much. I let it go at the time but it really played on my mind so I offered to take it back and redo them. Unfortunately, this fell at Christmas time which was also when our son Jack was due to be born, so once again things were delayed….

So it was with an amount of relief that I finally got this bike back from the powder-coaters today.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing it properly built up and I’m hoping Al gets some good riding out of it.

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posted by steven - April 28th, 2006