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bike trailers for kids

Since the arrival of our son Jack, I’ve been pondering some different ideas for getting some riding done while he’s around. I like the idea of a trailer but most trailers suggest that the kids need to be anywhere from 12-18 months before they can get in the trailer.

Since Jack’s only just turned a month old this week, I’m looking for some alternatives. My first thought was to anchor his car seat into a trailer. There’s an article here that talks about that and the author seems to have had some success with that idea. That was the way I was leaning until I saw this(3rd pic down). It’s a sling type device that allows newborns to ride in the Chariot range of trailers.

This seems like a good idea, as otherwise, I’d also have to cart around the extra weight of the car seat. The Chariot range seems pretty pricey though, so I’d like to get a look at one in the flesh to see what makes it better than the £100~ models that seem to be quite common on ebay.

The Raleigh trailer seems to be pretty popular and St John Street Cycles seems to be doing a pretty good deal on these at the moment.

If anyone has any suggestions or input, I’ll gladly take any advice.

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posted by steven - February 18th, 2006

even more on those Midge bars

Guitar Ted’s written up a little bit on setup of Midge bars. You can find it here.

I still haven’t done any more on adjusting my setup. I’ve probably only done about 100 miles on that bike since I last wrote about it.

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posted by steven - February 12th, 2006