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website looks horrid…

I’m afraid I made a real amateurs mistake of not checking this website on other browsers before it went live.

When I was building this website, I never really thought I was doing anything complicated and made a real mistake by never checking it in IE on Windows. I’m a Mac user and use either Omniweb or Firefox and everything looked fine.

Mistake 1 was to use pngs for my graphics instead of jpgs. The png format is way superior to jpgs in that it truly supports transparency, so you don’t have to create your images on a background matte to prevent the horrid ‘halo’ effect. File size for good quality images are also smaller. In my past I have been aware of the lack of png support that IE has but that was way back in IE5 time. Stupidly I assumed it would be fixed in newer versions, alas no. Rumoured to be in IE7 however. Serves me right for not checking.

Mistake 2 was to underestimate just how blatantly IE flounts the CSS spec. As a result positioning of elements, mostly graphics was terrible.

I apologize to anyone who had to witness that! I think I’ve fixed most of it but if anyone spots anything gross, let me know.

Life would be so much better if Internet Explorer would just go away.

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posted by steven - December 3rd, 2005