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more on those midge bars

Someone on the on-one forum asked about the Midge bars on my cross bike (really feel like a fraud since I don’t race cross, what else can I call it??) and how they compared to WTB dirt drops.

my response:

I’ve never ridden with the WTBs but believe they’re very similar to my usual bar (Specialized Rock Combo) made by Nitto.

I’ve just come back from a week away where I did quite a bit of riding and unfortunately, I have to say I didn’t really like the Midge bars. I’ve read nothing but good things about theses bars so have to conclude that they’re just different from what I’m used to. They’re a good bit wider accross the tops than my normal flares which I quite liked. The flare seemed to be a lot flatter which put my levers in a much more horizontal position which I didn’t much like. The drop itself is pretty shallow which I kinda liked. The major downside for me was that the bars don’t come back at me enough. The final section, just doesn’t seem long enough. I’m used to dropping my hands vertically from sitting on the hoods onto the drop section, but with the Midge I felt I was having to drop my hands down and forward at the same time. I’m going to ride them for a while longer and at the same time my commuting bike still has a pair of the Specialized drops so I can do some more comparison.

…and here’s the problem…

this pic shows the midge bars…. now I can’t understand how I can feel that I can’t easily drop from my hoods to the drop section. Looking at that picture, the drops are way further back than the hoods.

this pic shows the position of the drop section on my bike relative to the lever….

How can I have a problem dropping to the drops??…..

mmm….looks like I have the bars rotated too far up/forward. I tried them swung lower when I was building the bike but they seemed too…er swung forward…

Me thinks that the problem is that swung forward, the hoods are too low, I think I need a higher (shorter?) stem and need to rotate the bars further forward. I’ll get on to that and repost back.

The weird thing is that I really want to like these bars. Not sure why, maybe it’s because I like the idea of On-One and I’d much rather support these guys than the big boys. Anyhoo, I’m going to stick with it…

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posted by steven - October 24th, 2005


I won’t be around for the next week. We’re heading up North to Contin for break. If anything’s urgent, leave a message on my mobile number and I’ll get back to you. I won’t have internet access so I won’t be picking up email for a week. Back in the land of the connected on around the 23rd.

see ya…

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posted by steven - October 14th, 2005

new cross bike images in the gallery

OK, so I got the gallery thing working and have posted some images of a recently finished 700c cross type thing. Built primarily for day rides, on and off road, quick handling but comfy in the saddle all day.

Fillet brazed with a mix of Columbus Zona/Life tubes. Disk only, no canti mounts.

I wanted to see how far I could push the tyre clearance and I think it worked out OK. This pic shows 700X32 Conti Twisters but I reckon there’s stacks more room. I had an old pair of 700X45 Panaracer Smokes that I was looking forward to fitting, but when I went to dig them out of the loft, they’d gone! Damn pigeons.

This was also the first time I’d fitted a pair of mechanical Avid disks. First impressions are good. These are really easy to fit and get alligned. These are 2006 models, but not sure how they differ from the 2005 ones. Oh, and they’re also the road version. A little squeally but they’re still new. I’m sure that’ll go.

Another new experience for me was the On-One Midge bars. Although I’ve ridden flared drops for years and whatever my main bike has been, it’s always had flares, I’m not sure what to make of the Midge bar. It’s way shallower than anything else I’m used to and pretty wide too. I had a bit of difficulty setting my lever position on them. When I did get them setup, they felt great but looked strange! Can’t wait to get a good run with them. I don’t think I’ve heard any negative comments about them.

This bike’s for me but I haven’t really had much of a chance to get out on it yet. Hopefully get out on Friday, if I can keep my emerging cold at bay! I’m heading off for a week up North next week and I’ll be taking this bike so I’ll post more ride specific details when I get back.

You can see this bike in the gallery section.

posted by steven - October 11th, 2005